Travel Tips

Learn new tricks to make your trip easier and more fun!

First Tip: How to pack a carry on

When planning a trip we all know that packing a carry on is the best way to ensure you have what you need.  It is less likely to get lost and you will at least have the basics.  What we really love is only packing a carry on and a personal item.  Sometimes less is more!  When traveling this is no different, last thing you want to be doing on a trip is lugging a ton of bags everywhere.  Check out this great video from the Travel Channel on how to make the most out of your carry on bag.

Second Tip: How to pack a backpack

We often just take backpacks on trips whether they are for a day or an entire weekend.  No need to take a suitcase for just a day or two.  Also backpacks are smaller than traditional luggage and may be easier to pack for a long road trip or even for just a day trip.  Backpacks   are easy to carry and most of the time if you are on a day trip thats all that you will need anyway.  Extra layers, food and water can also be added to our favorite Camelbak backpack to support your activities for the day.  If you are going somewhere with a suitcase make sure to pack this so when you get to your destination you can pop this out, fill it with what you need and be on your way!  Here is a video of how to pack a backpack to fit your needs.

Third Tip: Ziploc Bags

We can’t say it enough ZIPLOC BAGS!  We use them for everything!  When packing ziploc bags are a must have.  From organizing all the little things to keeping your moisturizer and shampoo from exploding all over your clothes, we couldn’t do trips without them.  We love to pack our skin care products in ziploc bags.  If anything were to leak your clothes are not going to get covered or destroyed.  We also like to roll clothes into them so things like extra socks have no way of being wet if you accidentally step in a deep puddle and need a fresh pair.  You can also make a small first aid kit to toss in your bag or even your purse.  When traveling home if you have wet or stinky clothes an extra ziploc is a great way to keep those items is.  Always pack an extra Ziploc bag!  You wouldn’t want to leave a wet bathing suit against something you might need on your trip home.  Another good thing to store in a Ziploc bag is all of your maps, this comes in handy while hiking.  The possibilities are endless!