Thank you for looking into partnering with Atlas Girls!

How we can work for your brand!

Product Reviews: We would love to review your product.  We do product reviews for items we get a chance to work with first hand.  We document our use of the product via our social media and in blog posts on our review page.

Hotels & Accommodations: We do work with hotels on paid campaigns to promote specific goals or locations they have.  We also review hotels among other accommodation locations.

Airlines:  We work in collaboration with airlines on sponsored trips documenting and reviewing our experiences. This is done primarily though our social media platforms and blog posts about our trips.

Freelance Writing: We enjoy writing freelance articles and would love to write for your website or blog.

Tours & Activities: During our travels we are always looking to try new things and see as much as possible.  Tours and activities give us a great opportunity to experience more on our trips.

Product Partnerships: We would love to work with your product.  We enjoy trying new products while we travel!  Products are mostly promoted on our social media and occasionally in blog posts.


Why work with Atlas Girls?

Atlas Girls is two specialties in one great place.  With our creative abilities of writing and professional photography, we provide top notch creative advertising and sponsorship services with a genuine touch viewers relate to.