1, 2, 3, Tequila!

I have to say, Cancun was way different than what I was expecting and I’m not mad, it was AMAZING. Having never been to Mexico before, this was a huge trip for me personally. I’ve always pictured Cancun as this huge party town where all these resorts where right next to each other and it was just a non-stop party. It was not. We stayed at the all-inclusive resort Dreams Riviera Cancun, so it was a non-stop party in the way that we always had drinks in our hands, but I didn’t see any ragers on the beach or tons of drunk people running around half naked screaming “shots!!” and I didn’t even see the resorts next door. Maybe this was due to the fact that the resort allowed children and was a rather romantic getaway, but nonetheless I was expecting huge parties and an amazingly relaxing vacation. The latter was definitely true though.

Mexico is HUMID. Let me repeat that, Mexico is HUMID AF. However, the humidity is a lot damper than the humidity here at home. It wasn’t uncomfortable and I may be biased because I’m normally always cold, but this was like the perfect temperature at 85 degrees even with the humidity. The restaurants in the resort didn’t even blast the air conditioning so I could wear a strapless dress to dinner without shivering, which in my book is HUGE. So basically, I wasted all that space in my suitcase with pants and sweaters for dinner. Note for next time!

Dreams Riviera Cancun was under construction a little bit, but they never made it feel like you were in a construction zone and it also made me feel better that they were actively trying to update their property. The room was gorgeous and had the most amazing air conditioning system that would automatically turn off or on when the sliding balcony door was open or closed, respectively. The only issue I had was the lighting in the bathroom area. I was in Mexico for a friend’s wedding and I tried so hard to do my makeup in the bathroom, but the light was coming from above me and it was impossible to see my face in the right light, which is a small issue to have when considering a location for vacation. Had I not needed makeup, I probably wouldn’t have even given it a second thought.

The resort has a ton of restaurants to pick for dinner, they have nightly entertainment and a spa. There are literally endless things for you to do on your vacation. With the all-inclusive package, they provide water sport activities too, but you have to pay extra to rent motorsport items, so just remember that. My favorite restaurant was the Seaside Grill only because it’s right next to the beach and has the most magnificent view. I would have breakfast staring out into the ocean, well I did at least once (it’s an all-inclusive resort, why wouldn’t I get free room service in the morning and have breakfast in bed?!? It’s vacation!). I will say the food was a little soggy on occasion, but I totally blame the humid weather rather than the resorts ability to provide good food. If you can manage a reservation at Himitsu for the hibachi, definitely do that for dinner! The food was great and its hibachi, so you get a little entertainment to boot.

The beach was gorgeous and the sun was scorching. If you want to spend any amount of time on the beach, get up early and grab one of the adorable cabanas they have lined on the beach. They fill up fast and its entirely too hot and bright to sit on the beach all day without some kind of shade. They have the daybeds along the edge of two of the pools, but those also fill up pretty quick and when I saw one empty, I was hesitant to get on it because it was fairly dirty. The infinity pool butts right up to the beach and has a swim up bar, which is so clutch because who wants to get out of the pool to get drinks? Be very careful, though, there is a step up to the bar, which if you don’t remember your drink will be in the pool.

One of our last days at the resort we went on one of the many excursions they offer through the resort. We decided on the trip to Coba Mayan Temple, which included: repelling, zip-lining, kayaking, hiking through the jungle, swimming in a cave, a mayan sacrificial ceremony, lunch, and a tour of Coba. Coba, is the largest temple in the area (even larger than Chichen Itza, which is one of the seven wonders of the world) and it’s the only one you can still walk on. You can read about our adventures on the Alltournative tour here. The representative at the resort suggested this trip because it was the most action packed, but there are tons of other options for people of all kinds. These excursions are also additional and not included as part of the all-inclusive package, so be mindful of that.

I would 100% recommend Dreams Riviera Cancun to anyone who asks about Mexico. I had a blast and I think the price is fairly affordable, especially if you catch them during a sale or possibly get a coupon from places like Costco or Groupon. And if you can manage it, definitely take one of their excursions and see some of the ancient ruins. The culture is fascinating and the money you pay goes to helping the community continue their cultural traditions. This was one of the best trips of my life and I can’t even tell you how relaxing it was to not worry about a single thing while we were there. Definitely add Cancun to your bucket list!


On The Road

Did you hear that? Radio silence…. yep it happens when you are on the road. Not everywhere has signal or decent wifi. When you travel there is only time for just that, travel.

 We have been busy and we have lots of new adventures to share with you! Our occasional posts are only the tip of the iceberg. When you’re on the road “expect the unexpected” is not just a saying, but a way of life. And boy do we have some stories for you! Stay tuned! 

Where did the glamour of air travel go?

We have all seen the old movies where taking a flight somewhere was more of a glamorous party than anything that remotely resembles how we travel today.  Everyone was dressed to the nines and the crew was a bubbly bunch of ladies totting around a drink cart and “serving seven corse meals on fine china”.  People were smoking (thank god thats gone!) and pilots were treated like presidents.  Today however, taking a flight is like riding the subway.  People are dressed in sweats and flights are overcrowded busses of the sky dirty included.  The glamorous days of air travel are gone unless you are rich enough for a privet jet or first class.  Now back in the regular people seating we are lucky if we get a drink and a bag of pretzels or a few more inches of leg space.  More and more restrictions keep flying our way (pun intended).  To be honest it SUCKS!  So when did it all go so bad? 1978 to be precise, that was the year the Airline Deregulation Act was signed into law.  This law killed the price wars between airlines causing the prices to jump and quality to lag.

So what is the problem today?  Everything it would seam.  We have all watched the video of a man being dragged off a United Airlines flight bloodied and screaming “kill me”.  A far cry from the 1950’s cocktail party, we have seen the cut back on space, carry on bags, meals and most of all customer service.  So what can we do?  Well it turns out not that much, according to the “Contract of Carriage” that we as customers and passengers agree to our rights are laid out (like after you get punched in the face).  The airlines has complete control to deboard anyone.  Yes, you have signed away your rights to your flight just by purchasing it!  So why is your flight overbooked in the first place?  To cover the airlines from any “no-shows” and it’s totally legal.

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So what can you do?  Well the airline gets to decide how much you are compensated for your seat and you don’t have to take what they offer but the jury is still out on if taking the money the offer first is best or waiting to speak to a customer service rep is better.


Tips to know before you go.

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Overbooked United Airlines Flight

We all know the horrors that await us at the airport: taking your shoes off, getting TSA pat downs, random TSA employees sifting through your personal items, paying extra for checked bags, sitting in the middle seat in front of a sick someone who doesn’t know how to cover their mouth while coughing and if all that wasn’t bad enough, we now have to worry about getting literally dragged off our flights. Videos emerged yesterday of airport security ripping a man from his seat aboard a United Airlines flight after he was asked to leave, but get this: it wasn’t even his fault.

According to multiple news outlets, United Airlines had overbooked their flight and in order to make room for their standby crew they began removing a few of the flyers. They were offering money to those who chose to take a later flight, but it wasn’t enough to get people jumping out of their seats. Finally, they “randomly” chose 4 individuals to escort off the plane, but one man refused to leave. That is when security was called and mayhem ensued. You can hear the appalled reactions of other travelers on the video as he was dragged down the aisle as well as the victim repeating the phrase “just kill me” over and over while bleeding from the mouth and clutching onto the plane.

Their rep’s response to this whole mess was far from comforting, bordering narcissistic, of the whole debacle. He apologized for “having to re-accommodate these passengers” and then continues to say United will investigate the situation themselves. To me, that means they know that overbooking happens all the time, the don’t plan to change that, but they got caught doing something wrong and NOW they feel bad about it. There is a chance that there is more to the story than the videos show, but it’s pretty clear they injured a man due to their own mess up and that is NOT okay.

As someone who actually likes flying, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to get ripped from my seat (which I paid for), injured and dragged off the plane. If a paying customer refuses to give up their seat, find someone else to leave or maybe even offer more money (its not like they can’t afford it). United Airlines is one of the reasons I LOVE Southwest Airlines so much. I was so used to having to pay to check a bag or even get something to snack on, on the plane, but Southwest does all that for you all the while providing some of the cheapest flight options for a quality experience. I have not once been disappointed in Southwest, even when my flight was delayed a couple hours. The deals are just too good at Southwest! Some airlines don’t even provide you with a drink, HOW COULD THEY?!

The scary thing about this whole thing, is that it could happen to you one day. Flights are overbooked all the time, usually at the benefit of the airline, however, to think about getting ripped limb from limb just because you refuse to give up a seat that you’ve paid for already seems preposterous. In conclusion, please just make sure you pick your flights wisely!

Cover Image: United Airlines passenger plane lands at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J. (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File) (Mel Evans)

3 Lists To Make Before Your Trip

I get it, we are all weird people. Everyone in this world has a weird quirk or two. In my case, I have organizational quirks. For example, I just cannot get something off my mind unless I write it down. That comes in handy for traveling, but another one of my organizational quirks is that I hate clutter so I just toss everything out, maybe even before I use the note (I’m just canceling myself out here like why Ellen, why?). However, before trips my note writing is my best friend. I find a cute notebook (leatherbound is my favorite), then map out everything. It may sound a little overboard, but for peace of mind it’s a small price to pay. Here are 5 lists I absolutely have to make (and suggest you do to) before a trip:

1. Packing List

Every time I plan a longer trip I absolutely must make a list of all that I need to bring with me. I write down what types of clothes, any accessories, toiletries, items that might be useful, first aid items, beauty emergency products, etc. the list is usually really long since I normally go into fine detail, sometimes listing out what t-shirt specifically I want to bring. This may sound like overkill and I’m sure it is in a lot of cases, but it serves as a checklist when I go to pack; packing then becomes s million times easier. I know that the day before I travel I’m filled with excitement and maybe a little jitteriness, so the list serves as my backup when I’m not thinking straight. Now, whether I check things off the list before actually packing them is a whole other story.

2. An Itinerary

Having an itinerary for any trip is a total must! Knowing what you’re supposed to be doing when is great because it helps the trip go smoothly. The worst thing about not having an itinerary is missing something you would probably love (talk about some serious FOMO). For example, when I went on the cruise we had an itinerary for what was happening where on the ship at pretty much all times. So we didn’t miss the gameshows or the belly flop contest. We didn’t have an itinerary for the first day we got to Bermuda, so we ended up spending a lot of time trying to gather the group and figure out what to do, which in my opinion was a total waste of some precious time on a beautiful island. Having an itinerary is also beneficial so you can send it to loved ones who may not be on the road with you, just in case!

3. Places to Stop or Things to See

This might seem redundant considering the itinerary list, but this list is more loosely goosey. Its just meant to point out somewhere you might want to stop or something you might want to see, but if you don’t get to it, it’s not the end of the world. I make this list because often times there are days when specific events on the trip aren’t occurring, so its just suggestions for stuff you could do. Maybe you hit all of them or maybe you don’t. Its also something nice to keep for the future in case you do visit the same place again you can always swing back around and see something you missed the first time. I think this list vexes me the most considering I get caught up in all the things that I could do, but don’t have time for; I seriously have a case of FOMO.