Welcome to the Atlas Girls Blog! Here are some tidbits about us!

We are obviously sisters, but also best friends. We grew up as part of a tight knit family in a small Midwestern town just outside of Chicago, IL. Our parents had always taken us on trips no matter how long or short. Sometimes we would drive a few hours to a special market and see a specific town then drive home. Other times we would take a pretty standard week long vacation. Either way, our parents made it educational for us and I’m certain this is where our wanderlust began.

My name is Ellen and I’m probably the more laid back sister, tbh. I go with the flow and pretty much always have, but I do have my moments. As a kid, I played almost every sport, so I’ve always been pretty athletic, which comes in handy for all the hiking I love to do. I absolutely love, love, love the outdoors. Hiking, kayaking, camping, horseback riding, I can go on and on with all of the things I adore about the great outdoors.

I’ve always had an internal struggle between city life and country life. There are so many things that I love about both the buzzing, busy city and the quiet hum of nature. My dad has always said I’m a city girl, but deep down I still want those cowboy boots (I settled for Keen hiking boots). I like to stay on trend as much as I can, but I prefer to save money to travel.

Both my sister and I are pretty creative people, however, I gravitated towards writing and she gravitated towards photography (though I believe she’s always been the more artistic sister). She has really always had a knack for photography, but I think she fell in love with it when she got her first professional camera in high school. She found her photography niche in landscapes and nature. Like me, Jessica also loves the outdoors, with an emphasis in lighthouses, waterfalls and stars. If you bump into us while hiking, she’s the one with the NASA hat, keen sandals and hiking pants standing in the middle of the river shooting the waterfall.

Jessica is my older sister, even though everyone thinks she’s younger than me. I don’t blame them; I swear it’s because she’s been a vegetarian for so long that all the veggies have kept her skin glowing. She does most of the planning between us. She will say, “Ellen, we are going here at this time. Pack your bags.” So, I pack my bags (she is a lot of my motivation and I love her for it).

We travel because we love it and we share it because we want you to travel, too! Not all of us can afford an extravagant trip the south of France, but it’s not hard to find something beautiful in your own backyard so to speak and we want to inspire and help you get out and explore the world around you. I work a 9-5, 40 hour a week job and I don’t have all the time in the world to travel, but I DO travel and I think that no matter if it is a day trip, overnight trip, weekend trip or week-long trip, the experience and knowledge gained is well worth it.

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