1, 2, 3, Tequila!

I have to say, Cancun was way different than what I was expecting and I’m not mad, it was AMAZING. Having never been to Mexico before, this was a huge trip for me personally. I’ve always pictured Cancun as this huge party town where all these resorts where right next to each other and it was just a non-stop party. It was not. We stayed at the all-inclusive resort Dreams Riviera Cancun, so it was a non-stop party in the way that we always had drinks in our hands, but I didn’t see any ragers on the beach or tons of drunk people running around half naked screaming “shots!!” and I didn’t even see the resorts next door. Maybe this was due to the fact that the resort allowed children and was a rather romantic getaway, but nonetheless I was expecting huge parties and an amazingly relaxing vacation. The latter was definitely true though.

Mexico is HUMID. Let me repeat that, Mexico is HUMID AF. However, the humidity is a lot damper than the humidity here at home. It wasn’t uncomfortable and I may be biased because I’m normally always cold, but this was like the perfect temperature at 85 degrees even with the humidity. The restaurants in the resort didn’t even blast the air conditioning so I could wear a strapless dress to dinner without shivering, which in my book is HUGE. So basically, I wasted all that space in my suitcase with pants and sweaters for dinner. Note for next time!

Dreams Riviera Cancun was under construction a little bit, but they never made it feel like you were in a construction zone and it also made me feel better that they were actively trying to update their property. The room was gorgeous and had the most amazing air conditioning system that would automatically turn off or on when the sliding balcony door was open or closed, respectively. The only issue I had was the lighting in the bathroom area. I was in Mexico for a friend’s wedding and I tried so hard to do my makeup in the bathroom, but the light was coming from above me and it was impossible to see my face in the right light, which is a small issue to have when considering a location for vacation. Had I not needed makeup, I probably wouldn’t have even given it a second thought.

The resort has a ton of restaurants to pick for dinner, they have nightly entertainment and a spa. There are literally endless things for you to do on your vacation. With the all-inclusive package, they provide water sport activities too, but you have to pay extra to rent motorsport items, so just remember that. My favorite restaurant was the Seaside Grill only because it’s right next to the beach and has the most magnificent view. I would have breakfast staring out into the ocean, well I did at least once (it’s an all-inclusive resort, why wouldn’t I get free room service in the morning and have breakfast in bed?!? It’s vacation!). I will say the food was a little soggy on occasion, but I totally blame the humid weather rather than the resorts ability to provide good food. If you can manage a reservation at Himitsu for the hibachi, definitely do that for dinner! The food was great and its hibachi, so you get a little entertainment to boot.

The beach was gorgeous and the sun was scorching. If you want to spend any amount of time on the beach, get up early and grab one of the adorable cabanas they have lined on the beach. They fill up fast and its entirely too hot and bright to sit on the beach all day without some kind of shade. They have the daybeds along the edge of two of the pools, but those also fill up pretty quick and when I saw one empty, I was hesitant to get on it because it was fairly dirty. The infinity pool butts right up to the beach and has a swim up bar, which is so clutch because who wants to get out of the pool to get drinks? Be very careful, though, there is a step up to the bar, which if you don’t remember your drink will be in the pool.

One of our last days at the resort we went on one of the many excursions they offer through the resort. We decided on the trip to Coba Mayan Temple, which included: repelling, zip-lining, kayaking, hiking through the jungle, swimming in a cave, a mayan sacrificial ceremony, lunch, and a tour of Coba. Coba, is the largest temple in the area (even larger than Chichen Itza, which is one of the seven wonders of the world) and it’s the only one you can still walk on. You can read about our adventures on the Alltournative tour here. The representative at the resort suggested this trip because it was the most action packed, but there are tons of other options for people of all kinds. These excursions are also additional and not included as part of the all-inclusive package, so be mindful of that.

I would 100% recommend Dreams Riviera Cancun to anyone who asks about Mexico. I had a blast and I think the price is fairly affordable, especially if you catch them during a sale or possibly get a coupon from places like Costco or Groupon. And if you can manage it, definitely take one of their excursions and see some of the ancient ruins. The culture is fascinating and the money you pay goes to helping the community continue their cultural traditions. This was one of the best trips of my life and I can’t even tell you how relaxing it was to not worry about a single thing while we were there. Definitely add Cancun to your bucket list!


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