3 Lists To Make Before Your Trip

I get it, we are all weird people. Everyone in this world has a weird quirk or two. In my case, I have organizational quirks. For example, I just cannot get something off my mind unless I write it down. That comes in handy for traveling, but another one of my organizational quirks is that I hate clutter so I just toss everything out, maybe even before I use the note (I’m just canceling myself out here like why Ellen, why?). However, before trips my note writing is my best friend. I find a cute notebook (leatherbound is my favorite), then map out everything. It may sound a little overboard, but for peace of mind it’s a small price to pay. Here are 5 lists I absolutely have to make (and suggest you do to) before a trip:

1. Packing List

Every time I plan a longer trip I absolutely must make a list of all that I need to bring with me. I write down what types of clothes, any accessories, toiletries, items that might be useful, first aid items, beauty emergency products, etc. the list is usually really long since I normally go into fine detail, sometimes listing out what t-shirt specifically I want to bring. This may sound like overkill and I’m sure it is in a lot of cases, but it serves as a checklist when I go to pack; packing then becomes s million times easier. I know that the day before I travel I’m filled with excitement and maybe a little jitteriness, so the list serves as my backup when I’m not thinking straight. Now, whether I check things off the list before actually packing them is a whole other story.

2. An Itinerary

Having an itinerary for any trip is a total must! Knowing what you’re supposed to be doing when is great because it helps the trip go smoothly. The worst thing about not having an itinerary is missing something you would probably love (talk about some serious FOMO). For example, when I went on the cruise we had an itinerary for what was happening where on the ship at pretty much all times. So we didn’t miss the gameshows or the belly flop contest. We didn’t have an itinerary for the first day we got to Bermuda, so we ended up spending a lot of time trying to gather the group and figure out what to do, which in my opinion was a total waste of some precious time on a beautiful island. Having an itinerary is also beneficial so you can send it to loved ones who may not be on the road with you, just in case!

3. Places to Stop or Things to See

This might seem redundant considering the itinerary list, but this list is more loosely goosey. Its just meant to point out somewhere you might want to stop or something you might want to see, but if you don’t get to it, it’s not the end of the world. I make this list because often times there are days when specific events on the trip aren’t occurring, so its just suggestions for stuff you could do. Maybe you hit all of them or maybe you don’t. Its also something nice to keep for the future in case you do visit the same place again you can always swing back around and see something you missed the first time. I think this list vexes me the most considering I get caught up in all the things that I could do, but don’t have time for; I seriously have a case of FOMO.


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