Lavender Oil & Travel 

In our experience traveling is so much fun, but it’s also a lot of stress.  Flights, hotels, cars, trains, busses and whole lot of waiting.  All of that can really stress a traveler out!  We have all been that crabby travel companion at one time or another… admit it.  What can help is trying to stay relaxed and go with the flow.  We know it’s hard when your flight gets cancelled or you just really need to get some sleep, no matter where you are (que the dreaded middle seat 😩).  I have found a little bit of lavender oil can help you feel more clam during these stressful moments in any trip.  Just a few sprinkles on your travel pillow (a must have item) or on your hotel bed can help you relax.  Putting a few drops on a bath towel if you like a good shower after all the days activities can also help your peace of mind.

When you know the field your lavender oil comes from = ☺ #lavender #barn

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One of my favorite products to achieve a nice light lavender scent is Lavender-Rose Water.  I use this as a sheet spray before bed or on anything I want to have a relaxing smell.  It’s not as strong as the essential oil straight up so if strong scents over power your nose like me, this is a perfect way to still get that relaxing scent without the headache. 

Keep clam and travel! See link in bio 😋 #keepcalm #lavender #essentialoils

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If the smell of Lavender isn’t for you then try some peppermint oil for headaches and tummy trouble.  Theives essential oil can actually be used as a hand sanitizer to keep you from getting sick while traveling.  


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