Split Rock Lighthouse

Minnesota might seem like a random choice for a trip.  Most of the year it’s covered in what feels like mountains of snow and the very hottest day in the summer is only about 80 degrees.  But by now you know us, were up for an adventure!  I had never been to Minnesota before this trip, but everyone who knows that I love lighthouses was telling me about some lighthouse on a cliff.  I thought they were crazy, a lighthouse on a cliff in the midwest?  yeah ok!  So I looked into it and sure enough, there it was, Split Rock Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is in the state park and they have campsites available if you want a close up view.  The surrounding area has lots of cute hotels and inns, so you have a variety of options if camping isn’t your deal.

When your campsite has the best view! 🌅☺#camping #lighthouse

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We chose to camp (camping checklist) so that we could hike out to the lighthouse at all times of night and day….ya know photographers have to shoot the same object many times before its THE shot!  When booking your campsite it’s good to give it a few months, the best spots disappear fast during the summer.  We happened to book a not so awesome campsite but upon arrival a reservation cancelled and we had the best spot in the park.  High on a cliff overlooking lake superior and the lighthouse herself (girls rule) we set up camp.

On this hot 80 degree day my husband wanted to go for a swim.  I warned him that Lake Superior wasn’t as accommodating as Lake Michigan, but he shrugged me off saying it would feel good.  We hike down to scope out the beach and the lighthouse, bathing suit and towel ready.  We head to the beach first and I tell him to go jump in.  He gets about ankle deep and runs out saying the water is stabbing him.  I ask if we can see the lighthouse now trying not to laugh (swimming for the polar bears only).

Where there's a will there's a way, This rocky beach flower is a great reminder to keep trying. Life is surviving all over the plant in extreme conditions. This resilience is what drew me to capture is image. The detail in the rocks and the color of the flower really draw me into this shot. I'm always trying to look for the unseen, or overlooked to expose the beauty. The earth keeps revealing itself to me one day at a time. #photooftheday #photogirl #splitrocklighthousestatepark #minnesota #flower #flowers #flowersofinstagram #nature #naturephotography #phtography #jessicacepelephotography #rocks #rocky #adventure #earth #mothernature #loveit #travel #workofart @captureminnesota #love #getoutside #hike

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After scooping out the lighthouse we went back to camp for dinner.  We made plans to hike back down at sunset to shoot.  Lighthouses were build for a reason, as we know they mark shallow water and ports so that ships could make their way in the night.

Up in Minnesota Split Rock Lighthouse was built because of fog as I learned on our first evening. A few other photographers and myself commiserated as the lighthouse soon disappeared from view.  This lighthouse is special not only for it’s awesome location but also because it has the original Parisian glass lantern from the time it was built.


Amazingly it’s also still in perfect working condition, as you can see from the video.  On the down side they only turn it on once a month for testing because technically ships no longer need it to get around (sad face.)  When we eventually go back I will be trying to see it during a time while the light is on.

My image from the trip was featured on Visit Duluth’s Instagram & Facebook

Don’t worry that didn’t stop me from going back for sunrise and capturing this absolutely special moment.  I like shooting sunrise for many reasons but this particular morning I was given a beautiful gift!  The lesson is go anyways, so many people said why would you go there for vacation and as we were alone on the beach that morning I was reminded that is is why we go anyways!



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