Waterfalls (and why we like them so darn much!)

We have been to see our fair share of waterfalls. Sometimes, we plan whole trips around them (que Iceland).  But what’s so darn special about them?  Why do we travel all over just to see waterfalls?

Setting up! 📷

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• Photographing waterfalls is pretty cool.

• It’s a hike that’s worth the sweat.

• It’s a nice relaxing spot for lunch, a swim and even some meditation.

• New experiences feel good.

Ricketts Glen for fall colors 🍂🍁

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(Ricketts Glen Blog Post)

Now growing up in the Midwest, we are spoiled with water.  We go boating and swimming all the time.  Water is more than just a life source (as in we need it to survive), but also something we are in awe of (enter Niagra Falls). Yes, we have seen that one too.  Another great reason to chase waterfalls is that they are always different and constantly changing.  Some waterfalls can only be seen during specific times of the year or after a good rainfall. Frozen waterfalls are also very spectacular sights to see.

Photo by Atlas Girls

We have a few recommendations for your trip to see waterfalls!

• Bring a camera that’s waterproof (no reason to ruine your day when you fall in while climbing around for the perfect selfie).  Plus you could get some cool shots otherwise missed.

• Wear clothes that can dry quickly.  Being wet when the sun starts to go down during your hike back really sucks, and it’s also dangerous. We like wearing quick dry pants (not very fashionable 😞) and sandals that can go in and out of water while we are near the waterfall.  You can also keep “real” hiking shoes tied to your bag if you are worried about needing them.  Most of the time they are just too heavy to bring. 

• Even if it’s a short hike, bring plenty of water. Camelbak backpacks are highly recommended because they are super easy to carry and load other food into your bag.  Now you have everything you need… almost!

• Take a map, again, even if it’s a short hike.  You might want to go off a different way or the path might get confusing. Just pack it.  You have that nice camelbak with water and food already so just toss it in. 

• Layers, layers, layers.  A lot of the time when we start a hike, it’s early and cold.  By mid-hike, it might be warm, or you might be hot from the hike.  You will want to shed layers, trust us!  Also when you get to the waterfall, depending on season it could be freezing to sit by the water.  All that cold water rushing through the air and past your feet might give you a chill.  

• Know your limits! This is a big one.  Read the map at the trail head. If it says it’s a steep grade, maybe consider a difffrent waterfall if you are out of shape or this is your first go.  

• Not all waterfalls are long hikes.  If you want to see them without all that hassle, pick the right falls for you.  We admit sometimes this is our favorite way to see a waterfall.  Park and walk up to the beautiful view!

We don’t need to tell you why waterfalls are so darn awesome. You will see for yourself! (A little inspiration)

Let us know why you like to visit waterfalls!


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