Bermuda! Bermuda! Bermuda!

Approximately 1070 killometers east-southeast of Cape Hatters, North Carolina sits the small Island of Bermuda. Bermuda boasts some of the absolute best ocean views and survives some of the worst hurricane weather. My trip was set during mid-September, which had the perfect warm weather: not too hot, but still hot enough to swim. I arrived in Bermuda on The Anthem of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, with only 2 days stopped at the island (you can read my blog post about the cruise here). I was in a hurry to see all that I could during my short stay.

First up on my list of adventures was Horseshoe Bay Beach (HBB). The famous beach is known for its beautiful pink sand and is consistently sited as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world; it definitely didn’t disappoint.

There is plenty of space on the beach although most people tend to hover around where the umbrellas are rented. I 100% suggest renting an umbrella or two depending on how many people you have with you. Not only does the sun beat down pretty hard, but it’s common for a short tropical rain storm to roll through for a few minutes and pass on by, leaving all your stuff wet. Remember to bring at least a SPF 30 suntan lotion, my favorite is Maui Babe because it smells like a Piña Colada. However, since I’m really pale and this was my first tropical vacation, I brought lotion with SPF 50; I’m ALL about protecting my skin. I also brought this cute woven hat, which I purchased specifically for this trip at Forever 21 for $15 to help keep the sun off my face.

Commonly called Bermuda’s national drink, Rum Swizzle is the perfect mixed drink to quench your thirst. You can find one a few meager steps from the beach at The Rum Bum Beach Bar. It’s the perfect place to grab a few bites, listen to a live band cover reggae music and sip on the famed drink. Not far from the bar are indoor bathrooms which you pass by on the way in to the beach, so I suggest stopping there before you go back to swimming and tanning.


Day two of my trip consisted of wandering around and visiting the National Museum of Bermuda. The museum is a 10 minute walk from the Naval Dockyard where the ship was docked for the stay and cost about $15 for admission. The area surrounding the the museum is filled with old buildings renovated into small shops, but some of them are still abandoned. The National Museum of Bermuda is within the grounds of the fortress Keep and the most informational exhibits are inside the commissioners house. The commissioners house is basically my dream home with the most bomb views.

With admission to the museum, you also get access to watch the dolphins and their trainers at Dolphin Quest since it’s located inside the fortress walls. It was awesome seeing how well dolphins can be trained. I plan to save up for that when I go back because the standard pricing is upwards of $200 per person.

To round out the day I went on a snorkeling tour. The tour was led by natives of Bermuda and I made sure to ask a lot of questions (FYI rent in Bermuda is SUPER expensive). The tour took us under the highest bridge in Bermuda (it’s not high at all), through a sea turtle sanctuary, around a shipwreck and ended at Devil’s Isle. We stopped at Devil’s Isle to enjoy a Rum Swizzle and snorkel around the coral reefs. This is where I wish I had a waterproof camera! However, to be perfectly honest, the seaweed scared the living daylights out of me. One minute you’re swimming along all fine and the next, BAM! there is this huge seaweed bush right next to you touching your foot. I also learned that I can’t breath without my nose. They had brought kayaks and floating noodles as well so after I was done with all the active stuff I chilled with my drink just floating along.

All in all, my stop in Bermuda was like paradise. I only wish I could have stayed a while longer, but who doesn’t want a couple extra days of vacation? There are a few places I wasn’t able to hit up the first time around, but I am planning another trip back there in Fall 2017, so I will definitely get to see all the things I missed and I will update you when I’m back!


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