Is it too late to plan your summer trips?

We get asked “when do you plan all your trips?”  Well, the answer is going to sound crazier than you think: all the time!  According to Trip Advisor, hotels in the U.S. should be booked inside 2 months of your stay.  This way you are likely to reserve an unbooked room at a lesser rate, 7% to be exact.  If you are planning to fly to your destination over the summer, start watching airfares now.  6 months out is a good time to start monitoring the average price for the ticket. When your trip is anywhere from 2-3 months out it’s time to fine your deals.  Another great way to save some money is booking your stay during non-peek times.  Some of the cheapest weeks during the summer to make a hotel reservation for are the first week in June, the second week in July and the last week in August according to Orbitz.  Lastly, be flexible.  This will help you when planning flights and hotel rooms, but also choosing your destination.

ProTip: Clean out your cookies and use a private/incognito browser to maximize your savings!


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